Special Sponsorship Recognition

We are able to provide special sponsors with continuous public recognition on signage that is placed on a specific

Big Red Med Disposal Box.  The signage will include your name, logo, photo, website, etc.  

If your business or your civic organization would like to have Special Sponsorship Recognition on a

Big Red Med Disposal Box at a specific location (pharmacy, hospital, nursing home or police department) please call

Thomas McAbee, 631-353-3435 to discuss available opportunities. 

Your sponsorship will help prevent environmental contamination and prescription drug abuse in your community.

Here are a few of our "Special Sponsors":  

David Weinstein

East Hampton, NY Rotary Club

Dr. Mary Keller

Congressman Tim Bishop

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We Accept

Rx Disposal is a responsible company dedicated to responsible medication disposal.

2.5% of pre-tax profit is donated to 501(c)(3) non-profits that help prevent

environmental contamination and prescription opioid drug abuse.